In what way SEO is Improving Ecommerce

In what way SEO is Improving Ecommerce brands

We all remember the golden years of SEO, where link building and keyword stuffing won good favor with the bots at Google. Things have since changed which is good news for some and tragedy for others.

Let’s start by challenging the very topic of this article! 

It seems to be a trend that many outside of the SEO realm believe that it’s always changing and getting more complicated. I want to start by saying that since Google launched in 1998, the philosophy and focus has not changed; technology has. Here’s what they’ve always been looking for in a website: 

1.    The best user-interface and user experience 
2.    Rich Relevant Content
3.    A Website should be trustworthy

Basics and very important factors, meta-tag keywords, page speed & platform choice into a much-needed perspective for decision makers. 

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Now we’ve set the scene, let’s look at three, of many, hot topics for 2017. 

Many still aren’t aware what AMP is, what it does and what it looks like. Run a quick search for something news related on Google, using your smartphone, and you’ll see all the news articles have a little ‘AMP’ logo at the bottom. This means that Google has downloaded a second version of the article onto its own server. 

Traditionally, they are a very basic version of the original article and load in a fraction of the time. This is giving the user a fast experience and simple article to read. 

You’re most likely wondering why this applies to e-commerce brands. Well, it is possible that all PDP’s (Product ‘Description’ Pages) will eventually become AMP also. This opens the door to a whole world of simple product feeds and faster mobile results. Google is already hugely favorable towards AMP pages for news results. 

Keep an eye out, as this will be gold dust for retail SEO ‘when’ and ‘if’ it happens. 

Don’t do anymore - link farms, keyword stuffing and directories are long behind us. Today, it’s all about creating a much more natural process. 

"Here are a number of easy ways to get thinking about sharing the story of your brand, generating digital promotion and even driving some sales: make your customers / audience laugh and share your content there nothing worse than a brand that only talks about shopping for their product on their social media. You need to create something engaging that inspires, challenges or entertains your audience. 

Team up with influencers that love your brand 

Don’t go for an audience size or a budget model. "If you get your brand and products right, influencers can queue to figure with you Run competitions that are value something The age of free iPads, holidays and gift vouchers is dead." Brands that succeed with their competitions are getting creative and pushing the right buttons for their customer and, therefore, sparking engagement.   

Side step your product 

Just because you sell bread doesn’t mean bread is the only thing to speak about. Display your customers the attractive experience, what goes well on top of, under & before or after the bread is eaten? Consider industry guidance rather than a nippy, cheap transaction. 


You may have heard of Open Graph, Schema, Twitter cards or Rich Pins. Tiny bits of code script that sit beside elements on your page and feed information to crawlers from search engines & social channels. 

A proper pattern of this is if you search for your local cinema on Google. It’ll have listing times, film names and a whole heap of information about what’s going on, without even visiting the website yet. This is schema feeding that information to Google. 

"Schema – Google Listings Twitter Cards – Tweets Open Graph – Facebook Statuses wealthy Pins – Pinterest Pins These are helpful very little tools and may facilitate make you look nice when showing on Google or social channels."

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